Best Electric Scooters 2021

Are you looking for cheap and Best Electric Scooters? Our list of affordable electric scooters includes a list of some of the best cheap electric scooters. Everyone loves a good deal. When the deal can save you up to a thousand dollars on something costly. While electric scooters are really cool to ride, they can be quite pricey. Our article looks at a few top-of-the-line electric scooters that are reasonably priced compared to their competition.

We tested 15 Best Electric Scooters in the market and shortlist only 4 Best Electric Scooters. We test each and every aspect of the electric scooter before writing this article. This article will help you to choose the right electric scooter as per your need and budget. There are many top-class self-balancing scooters available which are listed below.

Top Picks – Best Electric Scooter

You can now get one of the top-rated scooters that are practically a steal.

GoTrax Glider – Best Electric Scooters

Gliders excel in every category on this list, and they are my favorite scooter. You can get this portable scooter for less than $200. Furthermore, it is incredibly stylish despite its many features.

Razor E100 – Best Razor Electric Scooters

Its low price makes it a perfect gift for any child interested in riding a scooter for the first time. The maximum speed is 10 mph and it is very easy to use. It allows kids to explore without going too far since the range is 5-7 miles.

Razor E300 – Best Electric Scooters for Adults

If you’re looking for a scooter for teenagers or adults, this is an excellent choice. With its price point and performance, it is a good choice for a first ride.

Best Electric Scooters Under $200

1. GoTrax Glider – Best Electric Scooters for Kids and Adult

The GoTrax Glider is unquestionably the best value on this list. This scooter is a fun place to start riding a scooter as a kid or as an adult. You can’t go wrong picking up this vehicle, and you can’t go wrong with this vehicle.

Review – Best Electric Scooters for Commuting

GoTrax Glider - Best Electric Scooters for Kids and Adult

You will certainly notice its stylish design at first glance. Its quality is evident from every angle. A small LED display is attached to the handlebars so you can keep tabs on speed, battery life, and mileage. The vehicle provides excellent night-time visibility and stays within vehicle codes in cities where such lights are required with its headlights. There are a variety of styles, so no matter what your style is, you can find something that works for you.

It will take you only a few seconds to reach 16 mph when you first get on. Everyone can zip around town comfortably at this speed. It has excellent handling at this speed. Despite its size, the battery range is impressive: your commute or errand run can last for more than 9 miles per charge. After just three hours of charging, the battery will run at its full capacity. One of the Best Electric Scooters for commuting.

It is amazing that a scooter of this type only takes four hours to charge since most scooters should require 12 hours. Multiple rides can be taken each day because of its rapid charging process. As it is extremely portable, it is very easy to carry around.

Its weight of 20 pounds makes it easy for children to carry. Furthermore, it is easier to store and easier to transport when not in use.
Despite its light nature, it is nevertheless durable and can even cope with rain. A good idea is to seek shelter when it is raining heavily. It is okay to ride if it rains lightly to moderately, but heavy rain should be avoided. You can definitely call it the best electric scooters for commuting.


It’s a great scooter at an exceptional value that puts many scooters costing much more to shame. A quick charger gives you the ability to take advantage of the excellent features and performance throughout the day. Buy it here.

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2. Razor E100 – Best Razor Electric Scooters

Children will love this scooter as a gift. Its simplicity provides fun and safety at the same time. Children will enjoy exploring the neighborhood and parents will appreciate not having to travel anywhere further. It is one of the Best Razor Electric Scooters.

Review – Best Razor Electric Scooters

Razor E100 - Best Razor Electric Scooters

You can get a scooter similar to this one for less than $200. The cost might be a factor if you have multiple children or are just getting started. So that they can be distinguished from each other, each kid can have a different color. The color options are blue, red, purple, and pink. With just a touch of a button, it can run continuously for 40 minutes at a top speed of 10 miles per hour. Turning and braking are easy when traveling through the environment. This is a perfect vehicle for local travel due to the six-mile range. You need to try the Best Razor Electric Scooters once.

Having an adult on this ride is not recommended. Because it has a maximum weight limit of 120 pounds, it needs to be quite small to prevent damage. Despite their lightweight aluminum construction, scooters weigh only 29 pounds. This is not designed to fold up, so it won’t be carried by children to work.

The durable and affordable product lasts for years despite its price. Children will undoubtedly bump it up, but it will still function just fine. In general, you should try not to let your children knock things over or bang into them.


Your kids will have hours of fun with this reliable motor. They can travel quickly and far while remaining safe. In case you aren’t sure what to get someone for their birthday, give them this gift. If you choose The Best Razor Electric Scooters, it will increase the fun in your life. Buy it here

Best Electric Scooters under $300

1. GoTrax G2 – Best Electric Scooter

The Glider, which cost less than $300, is a moderate upgrade. It has a similar range and top speed, but its top speed is higher. Since they are nearly identical, it is easy to tell they are made by the same manufacturer.

Review – Best Electric Scooters Under $300

GoTrax G2 - Best Electric Scooter

If you ride the GoTrax G2 around town, you’ll make heads turn. In motion, it is a striking piece of art. A splash of red is included at the base for good measure. The Glider offers a similar throttle control but is capable of reaching speeds of 12.50 mph. A 200W motor shines in this area. It is one of the Best Electric Scooters under $300.

You can get anywhere from five to seven miles per charge in terms of distance, depending on how steep the slope is. This scooter charges in about three hours, which allows for faster recharging than most other scooters. You can maintain your balance easily thanks to the stability of the frame.

Despite its lightweight and durability, aluminum is the good frame material. Easy to transport, the scooter only weighs 24 pounds. Additionally, a lever can be pulled to fold it up so it can be more easily transported.


In comparison with its predecessor, the GoTrax G2 presents a few improvements. My honest opinion is that Glider offers a superior value. If you’re not afraid to spend a bit more money, the G2 is still a great scooter. Buy it here

2. Razor E300 – Best Razor Electric Scooters

Razor E300 scooters are a great choice for teenagers and adults looking for their first scooter or simply a fun toy. There are no flaws in the design of the vehicle and it performs well.

Razor E300 - Best Razor Electric Scooters

Razor E300s are ideal for running errands and for leisure. This vehicle can reach 15 mph by pressing a button. It is surprising how fast he zips through the city, as you will notice when you watch the video. Battery life is 10 full miles before recharging is necessary. You can take care of most shopping needs with this in most cases. A staggering 12 hours are required to recharge the battery.

The chances are that you can only use it once a day. Overnight charging is necessary due to the long turnaround time. When you live more than five miles from your workplace or destination, it will be difficult to get back. This device is light and portable, weighing only 43 pounds and carrying a weight of 220 pounds. This type of bike is easily ridden and carried by most people. In addition to not being able to fold, this model is quite bulky.

One advantage of the E300 is that it can easily travel on uneven terrain and dirt roads. Despite not being a true off-road scooter, this scooter is capable of traversing grass and dirt without a problem. In contrast, I would try to avoid rain and moisture to the fullest extent.


For adults and teens looking to enjoy leisurely rides on a scooter that won’t break the bank, Razor’s E300 is a great choice. It is great to ride even after the asphalt runs out. If you want the Best Razor Electric Scooters, then you need to choose this one. Buy it here

Buying Guide – Electric Scooter

When buying an electric scooter, it’s important to consider a few factors. The most important factor is what you will do with it. Could you see yourself commuting each day to work? Playing with something fun sounds fun, right? Your kids will get it, right? It’s essential to determine which scooter best suits your needs when selecting a scooter because scooters can offer a variety of benefits depending on their type of use. When your knees are weak, you might be more comfortable using a scooter with a seat.

Types of Best Electric Scooters

There are several types of scooters on the market. The type that immediately stands out to you is more likely to be valuable in the long run.

Best Adult Electric Scooters

An adult scooter can usually carry 200 pounds or more. Although they can cover considerable distances at a high speed, they are still appropriate for running errands or commuting.

Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Kids’ scooters are small and have a limited carrying capacity, making them difficult to use comfortably for adults. Children are safer outside when these vehicles travel at slow speeds and have shorter distances.

Best Electric Scooters for Commuting

If you need a city commute every day, you can count on it being reliable. There are many smartphones with high-capacity batteries, so you can use them to travel between work and home.

Best Electric Scooters With Seats

To install the seats on these scooters, you’ll need a few tools and the owner’s manual. These seats are not only excellent for individuals with difficulty standing but are also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for passengers.

Best Fastest Electric Scooters

If you live for speed, you’ll appreciate scooters that prioritize speed over everything else. The fastest city scooters have top speeds of 18 mph, and the fastest off-road scooters have top speeds of 35 mph.


Cheap electric scooters are safe?

Whether a product is safe and of high quality is entirely up to the brand that offers it. A reputable company will not expose its reputation to risk or even file a lawsuit. Products from highly reputable brands, such as Razor and GoTrax, can always be relied on to be safe. If you buy models from unknown manufacturers, you may get what you pay for. Parents can be more comfortable purchasing children’s scooters because they are often much less expensive than adult models and come with more safety features.

What is the price of electric scooters?

In cities, scooters can cost anywhere from $125 to $400. The price is below $300. Scooters are not only cheaper than ATVs, Jeeps, and other vehicles, but they also compete with them.

What are the maintenance costs of an electric scooter?

Compared with a car, scooters require less fuel. Electricity prices in the U.S. average twelve cents per kilowatt-hour. Your model’s charging time multiplied by twelve cents equals 12 cents. Purchases of new car batteries or other spare parts are not as frequent as buying new batteries. You can keep your tires inflated with a bike pump.

Is it expensive to ride Lime or Bird scooters?

Renting a scooter from either service will cost you $1 plus 15 cents per minute. Most scooters have batteries that last approximately 40 minutes. It costs ten dollars to rent a Lime or Bird car. Owning your own scooter only costs approximately one dollar per ride. The battery charger will finish quickly if it has been running for a while.

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