Best Hoverboard Under $200

Are you looking for the best hoverboard under $200? You can find hundreds of hoverboards manufactured by different companies in this price range. You need to be careful because all hoverboards are not UL-2272 certified. It is very important to buy only those hoverboards which are certified because the safety of hoverboard riders is very important. After the invention of hoverboards, there were no UL certifications, but after many incidents, the government introduced UL-2272 certification for electric-powered rides.

We tested more than 15 best hoverboards under $200 and selected only 7 best UL-2272 certified hoverboards for you. In this article, we provide you with all the details about the 7 best hoverboards under 200. After reading this article you can select the best hoverboard for yourself or for your loved ones, as it is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults. The popularity of these self-balancing hoverboards is increasing rapidly with the passage of time. You can enjoy a luxurious hoverboard ride by spending less than $200 once.

Following is the List of Best Hoverboards under $200. You can check all the features and prices below.

1. Hover-1 Drive – Best Hoverboard under $200 for Kids

Hover-1 Drive price check


First on our list is a marvelous hoverboard that costs you less than $200. It is a Hover-1 hoverboard, it is also the best performing hoverboard on amazon. The demand for this product is increasing day by day. The reviews of the customers are showing their trust in this hoverboard.

The dimensions of the hoverboard are 22.8 x 8.3 x 6.8 inches, with a total weight carry a limit of 160lbs that makes it a perfect electric ride for kids and teenagers. You can enjoy luxury hoverboard riding without spending a lot of money because this hoverboard will cost you less than 200. It has all the features you need in a hoverboard.


  • Lightweight hoverboard with 14.45 Pounds
  • Max weight capacity of 160 Pounds
  • Max speed of 7 mph
  • LED Lights
  • Motor of 320W
  • The battery of 10 cell li-ion
  • Battery problem found in some cases

It is also a UL-2272 certified electric hoverboard that gives you full safety and security during riding. It provides you a max speed limit of 7mph, which is enough speed for a hoverboard for kids and teenagers. The LED lights of Hover-1 make it easier for riding the hoverboard in dark places or at night-time. It is also recommended to wear safety gear while riding a hoverboard because your safety is the most important thing while riding.

The battery used in the Hover-1 is of 10 cell lithium-ion battery, which has a lifespan of up to 5000 cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are long-lasting and secure batteries. New hoverboards mainly use li-ion batteries because of their small size and long long life. It takes only 4.5 to 6 hours to charge the battery fully.

Hover-1 hoverboard powered with a powerful 320W brushless motor. It is powerful enough to provide you with long mileage easily. Brushless motors require minimum to zero maintenance, which means you can enjoy a luxurious riding experience with minimum maintenance.

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2. Tomoloo Fire – Best Hoverboard Under $200

tomoloo fire price check


Second, on our list is a dream hoverboard for kids. It is a unique and colorful hoverboard from Tomoloo Q2. It is a new and updated hoverboard modal from tomoloo. The colorful lights and types make this electric power vehicle a dream for every kid.

There are 5 different types of lights in the Tomoloo Q2 hoverboard with Bluetooth music feature. It gives an amazing feeling while riding this self-balancing device with Bluetooth music and light feature. It is also a best seller hoverboard on amazon because of these unique and updated features.


  • Lightweight Hoverboard with 17.6 Pounds
  • Max weight capacity of 165 Pounds
  • Unique tire designs with lights
  • UL-2272 certified
  • Advance Mainboard software program
  • Charger problem notice in some cases

The Wheel Size is 6.5 inches with 4 different types of lights on the tires. While riding, the lights randomly and continuously change which makes it an amazing feeling. The quality of the tires is also of higher quality, which ensures a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

The weight of the Tomoloo Q2 hoverboard is only 17.645 pounds, which is reasonable for a powerful hoverboard. The build quality of this hoverboard is much superior to the other which makes the weight of this hoverboard slightly higher than the others. The total weight capacity of tomoloo Q2 is 160lbs, so it is perfect for kids and teenagers also.

3. Hoverstar HS 2.0v – Best Budgeted Hoverboard under 200

HOVERSTAR HS 2.0v – Best Budgeted Hoverboard under 200 price check


Next, on our list is the famous Hoverstar 2.0 hoverboard. It is the most popular and best hoverboard under $200. The features and specifications of this modal are much more superior to the other hoverboards in this price range. You can get a quality board by spending less than 200. It is a good deal. You can not ask for a better deal in this price range.

It is a famous model, we all know about this electric hoverboard. The max speed is 10mph with a full capacity weight of 165lbs. The mileage of this model is much higher than the others, you can still increase the mileage with your style of riding. If you ride the self-balancing scooter with normal speed and on even roads then it provides you more mileage than, if you ride roughly and on terrain.

  • Max capacity of weight is 165 Pounds
  • 10 Miles per hour max speed
  • 8 LED lights – 4 top, 2 front, 2 wheels
  • UL-certified budgeted hoverboard
  • Battery problem in some cases

The wheels of the hoverboard are designed with 4 different LED lights that make an amazing feeling while riding. The tires of the board are also of higher quality and designed in such a way that you can ride smoothly on the terrain. We can call it a hoverboard perfect for smooth roads and also for the terrain.

The battery of Hoverstar 2.0 provides enough backup time to cover a reasonable amount of distance. Its motor is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that requires 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and is ready for use. You also receive a limited warranty on the purchase, for full details about the warranty of the hoverboard you need to check the manual of the Hoverstar 2.0.

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4. CBD – Best Bluetooth Hoverboard under $200 for Kids

CBD - Best Bluetooth Hoverboard under $200 for Kids price check


Next on our list is another hoverboard under $200 from CBD. It is an ideal hoverboard for kids. The design is unique with high-quality materials to make the hoverboard fully safe and secure for kids, teenagers, and also adults. It also has a double-motor feature, which also increases the demand for this self-balancing scooter.

The weight of CBD hoverboards is only 15 Pounds, which makes them perfect for a kid and also for teenagers. A hoverboard that is only 15 pounds weight makes this hoverboard the lightest hoverboard in the market. You can find a better quality lightweight board than this. The max weight limit of CBD is 264 pounds, which means it is perfect for all age groups.


  • Lightweight self-balancing
  • Weight capacity of 264 Pounds
  • Ul-2272 certified
  • Bluetooth option
  • Charging issue in some cases

The Built-in wireless feature for speakers is good for enjoying music while riding a hoverboard. It is a UL-2272 certified hoverboard, features like dual motor, lightweight, and safety features make it unique from other models. If you are planning a hoverboard for your kid then this will be the best Bluetooth hoverboard under $200.

5. Swagtron T580 – Best Hoverboard Under 200

Swagtron T580 - Best Hoverboard Under 200 price check


Swagtron T580 is one of the best performing hoverboards in this category of hoverboards under $200. It is also an Amazon choice product, because of its top quality it gains the trust of consumers. It is one of the most in-demand self-balancing electric rides in the market. The quality and design are perfect for a teenager and adult.

The weight of the Swagtron T580 hoverboard is only 14 pounds, which makes this a perfect portable hoverboard, which you can take with you in the office or in your classroom and can place under your chair easily. The max weight carries a limit of Swagtron T580 is 220lbs, which means it can be used by kids, teenagers, and adults. Although the max weight limit is 220 pounds, it is recommended to carry a max of 200lbs while riding.


  • Weight of T580 is only 20lbs
  • Max weight limit is 220 Pounds
  • Tire size is 6.5inch
  • Per Battery Range is 8 mi
  • Battery life is short in some hoverboards

The wheel size of the Swagtron T580 hoverboard is 6.5 inches, which provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience. The Dual 6.5″ LED Wheels are attached with a powerful motor of 250W. The motor of the hoverboard provides enough power to run the self-balancer smoothly and for a long distance.

The Hoverboard from Swagtron is UL-2272 certified, which means it is designed and developed as per the guidance issued by the government. All electric devices need to follow some standards in order to get a UL certification. It is a very important element because safety is the most important part of any kind of vehicle. Always check safety features and certifications before buying any new device for personal use or for gifts.


Swagtron T580 unboxing - hoverboard under 200


The max speed of Swagtron T580 is 7.5mpl, which is not bad for a hoverboard under $200. It is a reasonable amount of speed limit. The speed and mileage of any electric power device depend largely on the driving/riding style. If you ride roughly the max speed and mileage differ from when you ride it normally.

With the purchase of an electric hoverboard Swagtron T580, you will get a warranty of 5+90days. This means you will get a warranty of 5 years for the hoverboard battery and 90 days warranty of the hoverboard from the manufacturer. It is a plus point, you can fix or change your hoverboard in 90 days if you find any kind of problem in this time period.

6. SISIGAD – Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Under 200

SISIGAD - Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Under 200 price check


Next on our list of best hoverboards under 150 is SISIGAD self-balancing colorful scooter. It is the most popular and first voice of adults, because of its multi-colored lights and modern features. It also has The Best tag on Amazon. The demand is increasing day by day.

SISIGAD Hoverboard is much more superior in quality and also in features with other models in this price range. It is a UL-certified electric hoverboard with lightweight features. The hoverboard is only 20 lbs weight, which makes the hoverboard easy to move and park anywhere you want.


  • Lightweight Hoverboard
  • Full battery charge in 4 hours
  • Max Weight capacity of 200lbs
  • Multiple color options
  • Only suitable for indoor/paved roads

You can find many features which are not available in other self-scooters. There are many color options available in this hoverboard under 150. You can select the color you like the most. Furthermore, the design of the SISIGAD hoverboard is unique, it has many LED lights on the hoverboard and also on two wheels of the hoverboard.


SISIGAD hoverboard unboxing - hoverboard under $200

7. Hover-1 Helix – Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Under $200

Hover-1 Helix - Best Bluetooth Hoverboard Under $200 price check


Last, in our list of Best Bluetooth, hoverboards under $200 are the hover-1 helix. It is a budget-friendly hoverboard, with the superior build quality. Hover-1 Helix performed beyond our expectations in our test. It has all the features you need in a good quality budgeted hoverboard.

Hover-1 Helix is a lightweight hoverboard, it is only 17.41 Pounds in weight. This feature helps hoverboard lovers to take it anywhere they want. You can take the hover-1 helix with you in your office or park it under the chair in your college. It is easy to park as it only requires a small space to park.


  • UL-2272 certified
  • Budgeted Hoverboard
  • LED head Light
  • 160 pound max weight
  • Slightly short battery life

This is a UL-2272 certified best Bluetooth hoverboard. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can enjoy your favorite music while riding. It is a perfect hoverboard for teenagers and adults as it can carry up to 160lbs weight easily. Furthermore, you can ride this Bluetooth hoverboard on light short grass. It is a perfect hoverboard if you are in search of a hoverboard under $150.

How to Buy a Hoverboard Under $200? – Buying Guide

You need to consider a few important things before buying and riding a hoverboard. Following are some of the key considerations for you while buying and riding a hoverboard.


The most important factor you need to check before buying any hoverboard is the safety features and quality of the hoverboard. You need to check whether the hoverboard is UL-2272 certified or not because it is important to know that it is manufactured according to the standards of the industry or not. Always buy and ride a UL-certified hoverboard, it will save you from many injuries and situations when the hoverboard catches fire.

Weight Limit

While buying a hoverboard you need to check the weight limit first. It is better to carry 10lbs less than the max weight limit mentioned on the hoverboard because it will save you from many injuries. All hoverboards are designed with a certain weight capacity limit, you need to follow these limits carefully while buying and riding.

Age Limit

The minimum recommended age limit for hoverboard riding is 12 years. It is better to follow this recommendation because it is for the safety of your kids. Some hoverboards are only designed for adults because the max speed in these hoverboards is higher, so try to follow these instructions also.


The batteries used in modern-day hoverboards are Lithium-ion batteries because they are more safe, lightweight, and have a long lifespan. You need to check the battery of the hoverboard before buying any new model of self-balancing scooter.

Charging time

Charging time for the battery is also an important factor you need to consider while buying a new hoverboard. Try to find a hoverboard with a fast charger, because it will save your time and also electric energy to charge the battery of the hoverboard.


We cover each and every feature of these 7 best hoverboards under $200. All these hoverboards are market leader hoverboards. You can select the one as per your budget and features requirement.

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