Best Electric Bike Under $500

Are you looking for the Best Electric Bike under $500? When electric bikes were first introduced, they were expensive. But now, you can buy Best Electric Bikes for under 500, you can choose from different models offered by different manufacturers in the market.

The cost of electric bikes plays an important role in the popularity of electric-powered bikes. The price of electric bikes has decreased dramatically since the introduction of the mid-range model. We tested more than 15 best electric bikes under $500 and shortlist 6 best performing e-bikes.

The following is a list of the best electric bike under $500.

Ancheer Folding Lightweight e-bike



12′ Wheels

DYU V1 42lbs Weight

Capacity 265lbs


340W motor

Jetson Bolt Lightweight 34lbs

Limit 250lbs

Speed 15mph

5.2AH battery

Ancheer 500W/350W Lightweight

12Inch wheels

36v battery

Rear Suspension

DYU D2F 3Ride Mode

weight 17.6kg

6AH battery

90% Pre-assembled

Elifine Portable Folding e-bike


Rear Suspension

Disc Brake

1. Ancheer Folding – Best Electric Bike Under $500

Ancheer Folding – Best Electric Bike Under $500

First on the list is Ancherr Folding electric scooter. It costs you less than $500. The build quality of this e-bike is beyond our expectations. We tested this bike twice and were amazed by the results. It has all the features like a luxurious e-bike. If you want to spend less than 500 on your electric bike then this should be a perfect choice for you.

Ancheer Folding is a powerful electric bike in the budgeted series. It has a 350W Powerful motor, that helps the bike to achieve a max speed of 17 Mph easily. The 36V lithium-ion battery provides a long backup. It is estimated that a fully charged battery will provide you a max of 15 miles, which is good mileage for a budgeted series e-bike.

  • 12-inch wheel size
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Foldable
  • Mileage descrese with higher weight

The Design of this powerful electric bike is modern and stylish. It is quite similar in design to Dolphins. The frames use aluminum alloy and also have the feature of IPX5 Waterproof, meaning you can enjoy a luxurious ride on a rainy day. The Design is very responsive as you can park it anywhere because it is easy to fold and park. You can move it easily as it also has the feature of a lightweight e-bike.

Modern and Foldable Electric Bicycles also have the feature to connect via Bluetooth system to the app. In the app, you can check the mileage, motor locking, and any fault easily. The app connectivity and cruise control feature is a plus point in this budgeted series e-bike. Furthermore, it is easy to assemble. It only requires a few minutes to assemble and start riding an electric scooter for the first time.

2. DYU V1 – Best Folding Electric Bike Under $500

DYU V1 – Best Folding Electric Bike Under $500

DYU electric bikes are famous and high in demand because of the quality of electric bikes and after-sale support from the company. The main focus of the DYU electric bikes company is on after-sale support and Research and Development because they want 100% satisfaction from their clients. The electric bikes of DYU are budget-friendly and have more features than other competitors in the market.

The DYU V1 folding electric bike weighs only 42lbs, which makes the bike lightweight and easy to move and park. The folding option of the bike is also responsive, it only requires a few seconds to fold and unfold the electric bike. The frame is made with durable iron material so it lasts longer and also provides you with more safety. The max weight limit of the DYU V1 electric folding bike is 265 pounds, which means it is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults. You can store the bike easily without folding or if you want to save some space then you can park it after folding anywhere.

  • Lightweight only 42lbs
  • High weigh 265lbs
  • Folding electric bike
  • 3 Speed level
  • 340w motor with 36v battery
  • 90% Pre-assembled

  • Charging time is slightly high

The motor that provides power to this electric bike is 240w. It is a high-quality brushless motor, meaning it requires minimal to zero maintenance. The battery is also a lithium-ion 36v 10AH, which is good enough for an entry-level electric bike. You can enjoy your ride with a maximum speed of 15pmh, furthermore, you can enjoy a 37 miles ride with assistance mode. You can also find options like anti-theft and one button click remote lock.

DYU folding electric bikes have 3-speed options, which you can select with a click on the button from the LED. You can choose your desired mode of speed with ease. The smart speed option in electric bikes provides you more freedom to choose your desired mode of ride.

When you purchase the DYU, you will receive 90% pre-assembled electric bikes, you only need to fix/assemble the remaining 10%. The process of assembly is easy, you can read the instructions on how to assemble an electric bike from the manual of DYU.

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3. Jetson Bolt – Best Electric Bike Under $500

jetson bolt ebike

Third, on the list is Jetson Electric Bike. It is the best budget electric bike you can find in the market. It has all the features you want in a budgeted series electric-powered e-bike. We tested the electric bike and collected all the details about the speed, battery charge timing, and how much distance it covers in a single battery charge. The details we collected will help you in choosing the right e-bike for your personal transportation.

Jetson electric bikes will cost you less than $500. The motor equipped in this electric bike is of 250W power hum motor to provide enough power to ride anywhere you want to go. Furthermore, it has a lithium-ion 5.2-ampere battery to provide you with a long backup. It easily provides you a max of 17miles with a single fully battery charge. The mileage of electric bikes also depends on the riding style and road coding.

  • Lightweight only 34 pounds
  • Aluminum material frame
  • Weight limit 250-lbs
  • Max speed of 15mph
  • 250W motor with 5.2AH battery

  • Minor battery issues in some cases

It is a lightweight electric e-bike. The frames are made with aluminum alloy to provide you with a safe and secure riding experience. The lightweight feature of electric bikes increases their max speed limit. It has a max speed limit of 15.5 mph. You can easily adjust the speed of an e-bike with the twist throttle acceleration.

The Jetson electric bike design provides you the freedom to take it anywhere, in the classroom and slide easily under your desk, or park at home easily anywhere. You can move the electric scooter without any problem as it is a very lightweight e-bike.

4. Ancheer 500W/350W – Best Portable Bike Under 500

Ancheer portable e-bike

Next on our list of best budgeted electric bikes is another modal of Ancheer. The features they are offering in this price range are quite amazing. You can enjoy a luxurious electric bike riding experience by spending less than $500, thanks to Ancheer Electric bike 500W/350W. It is a fully safe and secure electric bike of the budgeted series. After analyzing the features, you will love this electric power bicycle.

You can enjoy a max 25km/h speed limit with a smooth riding experience. It also has a 350W speed motor. The Electric bicycle 36v 6 ampere battery can easily provide you a backup of 20km easily. It also has cruise control, which you can enable by twisting the throttle for 8 seconds.

  • Lightweight
  • Folding e-bike
  • 12-Inch wheel size
  • 36v 6AH battery
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Rear Front Suspension
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • Low quality charger issue in some cases

The design and style are marvelous. It is very famous in teenagers and also in adults. The frames are designed with aluminum alloy to provide more safety. Furthermore, the bike has a dual brake system to provide responsive brakes.

5. DYU D2F – Best Budgeted Folding Electric Bike

DYU D2F - Best Budgeted Folding Electric Bike

Next on our list is another top-quality electric bike from DYU. The electric bike D2F has all the features of a modern bike, plus they provide excellent after-sale support in case you are facing any kind of problem. The support service of the company is the main reason they are growing very fast in this bike industry. You can read the reviews of satisfied consumers, all are happy with the quality, features, and price of the bike.

DYU D2F is a 12inch wheel size electric bike, which is ideal for smooth and comfortable riding. It is also a lightweight electric bike of DYU, as the total weight of the bike is only 17.6 kg with a folding option. You can park the bike in a few seconds without any problem. Furthermore, if you do not have much space in your car garage you can store it anywhere after folding.

  • 3 Rinding Mode
  • Lightweight only 17.6 kg
  • 250w Motor with 36v 6AH battery
  • 90% Pre-assembled
  • Aluminum frame
  • Charging time is slightly higher

There are three different modes in this e-bike which are as follow:

  • Pure electric mode
  • Electric assist mode
  • Normal bike mode

You can choose the mode as per your need and level of expertise. Choosing a switch between different modes is easy with a simple one-button click. These features provide you the option to enjoy a luxurious ebike ride with 100% satisfaction.

D2F is perfect for all age groups, as it is designed for up to 75kg max weight capacity. The battery in this model of DYU is 36v 6-Ampere that provides enough power to a 250w motor. You can get 20 miles easily with a single battery charge. Furthermore, this model came 90% pre-assembled, so you only need to assemble the remaining parts before enjoying your first electric bike ride.

6. Elifine Portable – Best Electric Bike Under $500

Elifine Portable - Best Electric Bike Under $500

This electric bike is based on dolphins and has a delightful design. Transporting it is easy due to its foldable design. The aluminum frame and good anti-pressure properties ensure this is a very light and easy-to-carry backpack. The weight is only 26.5lbs, making it easy to carry for travel.

Powered by a 36V 6Ah battery, the e-bike can cover 12.4 miles at a top speed of 18.6 mph. It takes less than 3 hours for the large lithium battery to fully charge. There is an LED headlight and horn for night riding, in addition to rear disc brakes for enhanced control and safety. For a comfortable ride, it is equipped with shock-absorbing tires. A waterproof rating of IPX5 is also provided.

You can save money and the environment by using the 100% electric, foldable electric bicycle. One e-bike and one manual are included with the package. You can enjoy luxurious riding without burning any gas.

  • Folding e-bike
  • Lightweight
  • Rear Front Suspension
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Disc Brake Style
  • Seat is not adjustable

How to choose an Electric Bike under $500

Since electric bikes are becoming more affordable, their popularity is growing, also it is an effective alternative personnel transportation option. Electric bikes still exist despite being manufactured at higher or lower costs. The price disparity is due to features they provide in different electric bikes models.

Electric bikes with high-end features and specifications tend to be more expensive than cheaper ones, which have limited and basic features. The price difference is enormous because of different features such as a greater range per single battery charge, better looks and style, and improved and advanced functionality.

Following are some frequently asked questions about Best Electric Bikes Under $500, and electric bikes in general.

Are Electric Bikes under $500 safe?

Yes, electric bikes under $500 are fully safe and secure to ride. The low-priced electric bikes are made with inexpensive materials rather than expensive ones without sacrificing safety. These bikes are equally safe and secure to ride like expensive and luxurious electric bikes, as they are also UL-2272 certified electric bikes.

How much is an Electric Bike Cost?

Price plays an important role when buying a new electric scooter or bike. The price range of electric bikes is not fixed. The prices for electric bikes range from $500 to $8000, but some are as low as $500 or even less. Cheaper bikes are equally safe and secure to ride as they are also UL-certified electric bikes.

Depending on what features you want on your electric bike, you will have to pay a different price. If you need a simple bike with basic features then it costs less than an advanced bike. Batteries, motors, brakes, and range are some examples of these features.

Electric bikes range in price from $500 to $2000 are the most in-demand electric bikes in the market. If you’re interested in a reasonable product with good speed, range, and battery life, your price range in this range is a good deal.

The cost of Electric bikes also depends on your location. Consider that the cost of materials may vary depending on where you live and the materials you choose. Your average prices may be different from those elsewhere.

Are Used Electric Bikes Good?

Used electric bikes can provide a number of advantages, including lower costs, no processing fees, and insurance obligations, but they can also be disadvantageous. These include:


The lifespan of a used electric bike is much less than a brand new electric bike. An electric bike will become less durable after it has been used, maintained, and handled by previous owners. Additionally, electric bikes are also subject to diminishing returns. A used electric bike will not give you the same amount of mileage as a brand new one.


There are limited choices available if you want to purchase a used electric bike. When you buy a used electric bike, you lose all control over the color and specification. In the end, you are the one who decides what to buy. It is highly likely that you will have to buy whichever electric bike is available for sale.

Faulty Used Bikes

A used electric bike can stop working anytime. Poor handling will lead to everything breaking down. A bicycle-powered by electricity works similarly. A bike purchased out of warranty often breaks down unexpectedly. If any repairs or maintenance is required, you are responsible.

Why An Electric Bike?

Electric Bikes are worth the expense. Bike riding is fun. Even better, an electric bike. The gentle breeze feeling when you pedal lightly and feel your tires turning as you pedal away. It is hard to overcome those feelings. Electric bikes make you fitter. Compared to conventional cyclists and non-cyclists, electric bike riders get more exercise.

Electric bikes are much easier and more fun to ride than bicycles and other electric scooters. The conventional bike requires more effort than e-bikes. Electric bikes are a perfect alternative to gas engine vehicles, they are environmentally friendly. It is excellent alternative personnel transportation.


There are many options for electric bikes under $500. But you need to select the one wisely. Because at this price range, you can only buy a budgeted electric bike. Choose the one that would meet your needs and are on a budget.

Following are the 2 best electric bikes from the above list. We selected these because we personally tested these electric bikes.

Jetson Bolt is overall the best electric bike in this price bracket. It is designed effectively. You can enjoy a comfortable and secure ride.

Ancheer Folding is second on the list. It also has all the features required in a budgeted electric bike. The price of this bike is slightly higher than the other.

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