Electric Scooter Batteries 2021

Looking for answers about different electric Scooter batteries? You will get all the information regarding electric scooters and different batteries used in different models. After this important information, we are sure that you can manage your electric power scooters and batteries efficiently.

An Electric Scooter without a battery backup is useless. You can not go for a ride on an electric scooter without a battery. You can say that it is the most important part of any e-scooters. We tested all types of batteries used in different electric scooters before writing this guide on electric scooter batteries.

E-Scooter Battery Types

After the above discussion, we understand that all e-scooters need batteries, but not all-electric scooters require the same type of batteries. Small Electric Scooters are equipped with smaller batteries, some have lithium-ion batteries and others have other types of batteries. We will discuss all types of batteries in this article and review in detail the pros and cons of each battery type.

This Guide about Electric Scooters’ batteries will provide all the information regarding the price of different e-scooter batteries, detail about the mileage they provide in a single charge, and also the material quality in each battery type.

Electric Scooter Battery replace

What kinds of batteries do electric scooters use?

There are 3 types of electric scooter batteries used in different models:

  • Lithium-Ion or Li-ion Battery
  • Lead-Acid or SLAs Battery
  • Nickel Metal or NimHs battery


Electric Scooter manufacturers either use the full form of battery name or the short form battery name so do not confuse between the name. Only the above 3 types of batteries are used in different electric scooter models. Following we will discuss in detail the features and other details of each e-scooter battery.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular and high-quality e-scooter battery used in non-electric scooters. It is one of the best batteries of recent times. When you compare the quality of this battery with other batteries you can find a huge amount of difference between them. It is the highest quality battery you can use, but at the same time, the price of Lithium-ion batteries is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries. If you want a supreme quality battery then the price also needs to be on a higher side.


Following are some of the features of a Lithium-ion Battery:

1. Lightweight

Lithium-ion batteries are very light in weight. It is designed using advanced technology that provides a long-lasting lifespan of the battery. Despite being lightweight in size they provide a much higher amount of power and back up to the electric scooters.

2. Lifespan

The Life of a Lithium-ion battery is much higher than that of lead-acid batteries or other types of batteries. They are long-lasting. You do not need to replace a lithium-ion battery quickly; their lifespan is more than the lifespan of an electric scooter.

3. Maintenance

The maintenance of Lithium-ion batteries is almost zero. You can call it a maintenance-free battery for electric scooters. It saves a lot of time that is needed to maintain a battery if you use a battery other than a Lithium-ion battery.

4. Types of Lithium-ion batteries

There are three types of Lithium-ion batteries available and used in the electric scooters in the market. Following is the list of Lithium-ion batteries:

Standard Lithium-ion Battery

It is the standard lithium-ion battery that is normally used in electric scooters in the market. It became very popular within a short span of time.

Lithium-Iron Phosphate

This is the new Lithium battery named Lithium-Iron Phosphate. The Lifespan of this new lithium battery is much more than the standard battery. It is claimed that it is 10 times safer than the standard lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-Polymer Battery

This is also another new lithium-ion battery introduced. The Lithium-Polymer battery is very small in size and also has a flatter design. The performance of this battery is much superior to the standard lithium-ion battery.

Lead-Acid Battery (Sealed)

Lead Acid batteries are the oldest battery types used for backup. Before the introduction of Lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries were the most famous batteries in the market. It gained popularity within a short span of time.


Following are the features you can found in the lead-acid (sealed) batteries:


The weight of the lead-acid batteries is on the heavier side. When compared with the lithium-ion battery the size of a lead-acid battery of the same ampere power is 100 times heavier than lithium. This is one of the drawbacks of lead-acid batteries.


The cost of a lead-acid battery (sealed) is on the lower side. It is a budgeted series battery. If you have a low budget, then you can select the lead-acid battery.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

This battery is placed in between the lithium-ion batteries and the lead-acid batteries (sealed).
The cost of Nickel metal hydride is higher than the cheap batteries of lead-acid but cheaper than the lithium-ion batteries. Nickel metal batteries have been gaining popularity at a rapid pace for a few years.

Following are the features you can find in the Nickel-metal hydride Batteries:


The cost of a Nickel-metal hydride battery is reasonable. You can call it an affordable battery for an electric scooter. Due to its lower price than the lithium-ion battery, it is gaining popularity rapidly.


The weight of the Nickel-metal battery is also on the lower side when you compare it with the lead-acid battery (sealed). The technology used in the manufacturing of this battery is also much higher than the lead-acid battery.

How much cost in replacing an electric scooter battery

The cost of replacing the battery of an electric scooter depends upon the battery type you want to purchase. The cost of a lead-acid battery (sealed) is lower than the nickel-metal and lithium-ion batteries. The price of lead-acid will be between $75 to $100. On the other hand, the price of a Nickel-metal battery is between $100 to $120. Lithium-ion battery prices are much higher. If you want to replace your electric scooter’s lithium-ion battery with a new one, then you need to spend between $150 to $500.

Whenever you need a new battery or want to replace the old battery of an electric scooter with a new one, then you need to choose a trusted and high-quality battery brand. If you select a battery of low quality or inferior power rating then it will also affect your electric scooter performance.

What is the life of an electric scooter battery?

The lifespan of an electric scooter also depends on the battery type used in the e-scooter. If your electric scooter has a lithium-ion battery, the lifespan is much more than that of a lead-acid battery and Nickel-metal. There is a standard parameter for the lifespan of an electric scooter. This standard parameter shows that your electric scooter battery should at least provide a life of 300 to 350 charges.

Your battery lifespan and electric scooter life can be increased with proper maintenance. You always need to charge your battery with a trusted brand charger of 2 amps. Always try to avoid overcharge and over-head the battery. You should avoid using e-scooters on rough surfaces, it will also affect the battery performance of the scooter.

It is recommended by e-scooter specialists that you should park your scooter with more than 50% battery power, also you need to charge your scooter battery after some days if it is not in use.

How to charge an electric scooter?

Charging an electric scooter battery depends upon the battery used in the e-scooter. There are two methods of charging an electric scooter explained below:

Internal charge

If your e-scooter has a battery that is fixed, then you need to recharge your electric scooter internally. You just need to plug in the switch of charger, which starts the charging process of the battery. You need to charge your battery till it is fully charged and ready for an e-ride trip.

External Charge

The second method of charging an e-scooter battery is the external charge method. In this method, you just need to remove the battery from your electric scooter carefully and attach it to the external charger of the electric scooter and plug in the power switch. You need to wait a few hours till the battery fully charges.

These are some recommended tips of e-scooter specialists that need to be followed in order for better performance and lifespan of electric scooters and electric scooter batteries. You need to use a trusted brand charger to charge your e-scooter, also avoid overcharging and overheating as it will damage your battery and also reduce the lifespan.

What is the mileage of an electric scooter on a single charge?

The mileage of an electric scooter on a single charge answer is difficult, because it depends on many factors such as the type of battery, e-scooter modal, battery type, and power, uphill ride or downhill, smooth road or terrain surface, weight, and riding style. All these mentioned factors play an important role while calculating the mileage of an electric scooter with a single charge.

E-scooter specialists provide a figure around 12 to 22 miles with a single full battery charge. If you purchase a heavy and expensive electric scooter then you can go beyond this limit and ride 40 to 45 miles with a single full battery charge. A normal battery lifespan is around 250 to 300 times, so if you change your battery more frequently then the lifespan of your e-scooter will also end faster.

Can scooter batteries explode?

No, e-scooter batteries do not explode if you do not violate any of the warnings displayed on the box of an electric scooter. These batteries are certified for electric scooters. There are some requirements and standards each manufacturer of e-scooter batteries needs to follow in order to get the certification required. You only need not violate the warnings. Some rare cases of battery explosion are reported, but after that, the standards of battery quality are raised, in order to avoid such mishaps completely.

Electric scooters batteries are 100% safe and secure. You also need to make sure when replacing an old electric scooter battery with the new one, only by the trusted brand’s battery because safety is the most important part while riding an electric scooter.

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Final thought

In this guide, we cover each and every aspect of an electric scooter battery. After going through our article about the e-scooter battery you will be in a position to choose the right battery type for your scooter and also help you when you need to replace your old battery of e-scooter with the new one. Last but not the least, always use trusted and original brand products, because safety is the most important part of electric scooter rides.

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