Glion Dolly Electric Scooter Review 2021

Electric scooters are an easy traveling option around the city, which gives portability, long battery backup, eco-friendly, time-saving, and comfortable riding experience. Glion Dolly Electric Scooter is the best electric scooter in the market.


Glion is one of the top electric scooter manufacturers. Glion’s company mission is to build budget-friendly, comfortable, and fast electric scooters. Glion Dolly is the best scooter in all aspects, design, comfort, and also budget-wise.

It is a portable electric scooter that you can carry anywhere along with you. It is an easily foldable and ready to go product, so the parking issue is zero, and also it is a very lightweight model of electric rides that make it more comfortable.

Glion Dolly Scooter pros and cons

  • Easy and quick folding option
  • UL2272 certified (certified electric device)
  • State of the art design and material used
  • Powerful 250 watts motor
  • 23km mileage with single battery charge
  • Powerful brakes and long-lasting tires
  • Aircraft gauge material used for design
  • Budget-friendly
  • No seat for long-distance travel
  • Weight a little high.
  • Speed is not ideal
  • Suspensions are not Good.
  • Control is uncomfortable.
  • Not great at climbing hills.
  • The battery life indicator is wildly inaccurate.
  • Sometimes starts accidentally.

In 2021 best electric scooter must have long battery timing, fast speed, and quick battery charging features because adults need these scooters for schools, colleges, and workplace commutes.

Glion Dolly scooter for adults has a lithium-ion battery that takes only 3 hours to charge. You can ride 23 km with a single charge. You can reach your workplace, office, or school very fast as Glion Dolly has a 15 mph top speed that is quite fast. The motor in the scooter is 250 watts and top-quality tires that can last for years.

I am amazed by the antilock brakes of Glion Dolly, and it is more powerful and secure compared with competitors that make Glion’s Electric Scooter expert choose.

Glion dolly has a rear reflector with the front lights for easy movement in cloudy and night. Pedestrian bell gave secure riding as it helps riders to clear the road. The weight of this scooter is 12 kgs, and it is manufacture from aircraft-grade material. The maximum weight limit is 245 pounds.

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You can ride 23km with a single charge that is a long distance to travel, but 23km without a seat is quite difficult for any adult or teenager. A separate able seat enhances the riding experience of this adult electric scooter of Glion Electric.

Glion dolly foldable commuter electric scooter price

You need two pulls and one flick to fold this portable electric scooter of 20121. When you want to unfold, it takes few seconds to ready for your ride.

UL2272 Certified

It is a certified electric device. UL2272 is a certification issued by the United States Government.

State of the art design and material used

 The look of the Glion Dolly is unique and modern, also aircraft gauge material used in manufacturing.

Powerful 250 watts motor

 The 250 watts motor provides a fast and smooth riding experience with 15km top speed and 23km milage.

Good mileage

 The lithium-ion battery in this modal of Glion Electric scooter gives 23km in a single charge.

Powerful brakes

 Glion Dolly has antilock brakes that provide a more secure riding experience.


 The material in Glion Dolly Scooters is of aircraft gauge, which makes the scooter slightly lighter.


 When you compare Glion electric bike with competitors price is very affordable and reasonable.

No seat for long-distance travel

 There is no seat in the Glion Dolly Electric scooter bike. If you want a long-distance ride, it is uncomfortable because covering 15 to 20 kilometers without a seat in an electric scooter is difficult.

Top speed is not ideal

 The max speed mentioned in the manual is 15mph, which is not great for an electric scooter of adults. The max speed also slows down when a heavyweight person is riding the bike.

Weight a little high

 The material used in Glion Dolly is Aircraft-grade, but still, the weight is slightly on the higher side.

Suspensions are not Good

 Glion Dolly used honeycomb tires to make the ride smooth and comfortable, but these military-styled tires are not enough to provide rear suspension to the electric scooter.

Control is uncomfortable. 

Glion Dolly has low-quality handlebars made with cheap quality plastic. Cruise control is not available, so you have to hold tight to control the scooter.

Not great at climbing hills

 The Glion Dolly Electric Scooter is not great for incline riding. It slows down while riding on hills areas.

The battery indicator

 Sometimes the indicator shows false reading or alarm, which is not good in such a good brand scooter.

Final thought – Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

 Glion Dolly Electric scooter 2021 is not perfect, but it has many good features on such a budget. Some great features are not present in competitors’ models.

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