Halo Rover X Hoverboard Review 2021

Halo Rover X Hoverboard is familiar as the supreme quality hoverboard producer. With advanced technology, quality wheels, high speeds, and range, the hoverboard is equipped with all the advanced features you’d want in a self-balancing scooter. 


It is the most advanced hoverboard and fairly deserves the award of “top hoverboard” with next-generation technology.

This electric scooter hoverboard has robust 8.5-inch size wheels and a 400-watt motor that allow you to ride anywhere you want to go on uneven areas with up to 20 degrees. 

Halo Rover-X uses top-class material. The box weight of the Halo x hoverboard is 32 lbs. The weight capacity is 260lbs and a minimum of 44 lbs.

The Halo Rover X is comfortable and the best hoverboard. Outstanding build efficiency, 8inch good quality tires, workout modes, mobile application supported, Bluetooth music speakers, power pact engine, and much more.

Specifications – hoverboard specifications and features

  • Speed: 10mph
  • Warranty: 1-year parts only
  • Range: 10miles
  • Weight: 32lbs
  • Motor Power: 800watts
  • Wheel Size: 8inches
  • Hill Grade: 20degrees
  • Charging Time: 3hours
  • Resistance: IPX4
  • UL Rating: UL 2272 & 2271
  • Max Load: 260lbs
  • Minimum Load: 44lbs

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Speed with Range – best hoverboard

The Halo Rover X produces state-of-the-art hoverboards for the young generation.

Halo X has two 400-watt motors (each wheel has one). The Halo Rover X boasts an impressive top speed of 10 miles per hour. As far as range is concerned, a single-charged will carry you up to 10 miles. Hola X is designed for short travel purposes but is very comfortable in riding.

The Rover X is a powerful machine that is suitable for all hoverboard lovers. If you’re riding on smooth roads or urban areas or on a short journey even on off-road terrain, Rover X will not disappoint you.

Construction – Rover X hoverboard pros and cons

The build quality of the Halo Rover X is superior to other manufactures.

For example, the hoverboard has defensive wings made of high-grade aluminum that keep the body protected from the most common impacts.

The 8.5-inch flat-tires are as solid as the homes. The Halo Rover X design overcomes the terrain obstacles you can face. That is also why this particular board ranks #1 on our Best Off-Road Hoverboards list.

A good bonus is that the hoverboard is IPX4 enabled, which makes it water tolerant. If it’s debris or rain, you never fully know the weather, so it’s great to be able to ride home without the risk of damaging your board for good.

The 800 watts of engine ensure to climb slopes at a 20-degree angle while maintaining a smooth and steady flight.

Secure — Safety Measures

All the requisite safety features are in place. The optional charger is UL-approved ( certificated issued to electric devices ) and, the hoverboard itself is UL-2272 and UL-2271 certified hoverboards.

Hoverboard fires and safety issues are the main features in modern era personal self-balancing devices. The UL controls have seen a significant increase in the overall efficiency of the US industry of hoverboards.

Help & Customer Support

The Halo X HoverBoard has out-class customer service. A 12-month warranty is also offered to the customers The Halo X hoverboard, so you can replace any defective part of the electric ride with the new one without any cost. They ensure top-notch electric scooters, and they’re so sure of their quality that they’re able to make such generous assurance in their warranty claims.

You can call the support team or use the link to contact the support team.

Downsides – Rover X hoverboard pros and cons

The hoverboard is flawless. The only drawback of the hoverboard is the price.

The Halo Rover X is an expensive hoverboard, but the price is justified as compare with the features they are offering.

If the price is not a factor, then it is an absolute board machine that’s what you need.

Features of the hoverboard Hola X

The Halo Rover X feature list is impressive and detailed. We’ve listed the most significant below:

Training — For Beginners

Halo Rover X has Beginner, average, advanced modules of riding

like other top hoverboards. These different riding modes help you get the hang of it before you unlock its full ability.

App Connectivity – hoverboard halo rover x

The Bluetooth smartphone-compatible software is a terrific addition to the Hola X hoverboard. The app helps you watch the speed, battery usage, and many other features.

Mobile application connectivity show you the distance traveled battery detail, and other information. You can also toggle on and off the hoverboard using the software.

Bluetooth Music Speaker– self-balancing price

The Halo Rover X hoverboard has a built-in Bluetooth music speaker for fun riding. While it’s not an audiophile quality speaker, but both the volume and the clarity are impressive.

Final Thought – self-balancing price

The Halo Rover X is for all hoverboard lovers. They offer great features by increasing the price of the hoverboard. 

It does have a higher price tag than other rivals due to the modern and next-generation features, but it goes hand and hand with the standard offered.

Hola X hoverboard, the 800-watt hoverboard giant, puts the competition to shame in about every way imaginable.

The Halo Board is an outstanding organization that advocates for the standard of its products. They offer you a 12-month exclusive warranty on the Halo Rover X unit.

If you’re going to have the money to invest, we don’t see any reason not to have that awesome hoverboard.

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