How to Calibrate a Hoverboard 2021

Today, We will discuss How to Calibrate a Hoverboard, also cover all the details about when you need to calibrate your Hoverboard.

First, you need to understand how hoverboard logic works then you will understand the need to calibrate a hoverboard. The Gyroscope of a hoverboard collects all the information from wheels and sends them to the logic board, then the logic board makes the appropriate decision.

When you do not calibrate your hoverboard, the hoverboard gyroscope cannot send accurate data to the logic board. The result of this inaccurate information stops hoverboards from functioning. If that situation happens to you, the 1st step you need to take is to calibrate your hoverboard immediately.

Why Should I Calibrate Hoverboard?

There are issues if occur to your hoverboard, then calibrating the hoverboard will resolve the issues. Following are a few issues that require hoverboard to calibrate:

  1. Hoverboard stops moving
  2. Red Light Blinking
  3. Slow wheel turn in one side

In these situations calibrating a hoverboard can solve the issues. If the hoverboard is still not working properly after the calibration, you need to replace the damaged part, most probably the gyroscope.

Why to Calibrate

If you find any issue discussed above then you need to fix it by calibrating your hoverboard. Then a question arises in your mind. How to do that? Following this, we will teach you the correct way to calibrate a hoverboard.

You need to turn off your Hoverboard after placing it on a flat surface and pressing the power button on the hoverboard for 5 seconds till the beep sound. Then, press again for five seconds till beep to turn on the hoverboard. Wait 30 seconds, which will calibrate the hoverboard to the surface. Now, turn it off again to lock in calibration.

There are few things you need to care about:

  • Place the hoverboard on a flat surface before calibration
  • Follow the above steps carefully
  • Do not press any other button while the hoverboard is calibrating.

If you need more information about the calibration, you can go through the hoverboard manual which you can find in the hoverboard box and also online.

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Calibrate With Mobile App

If the hoverboard brand provides an app then you can also calibrate your hoverboard using the mobile application. Following are the steps you need to follow.

You need to install the application on your mobile phone and connect the hoverboard with the application. Place the hoverboard on a flat surface and find “Calibrate the hoverboard” in the application. Instruction will appear to calibrate.

You need to be very careful if you are going with the option to calibrate the hoverboard using the mobile application. Few issues can cause problems in this option, one is Bluetooth chip burnout.

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After you calibrate your hoverboard, either using the power button on the hoverboard or using the mobile application provided by the manufacturer of the hoverboard, the next step is to check the results of calibration. Follow the steps below to test the hoverboard either hoverboard is working smoothly after calibration or not:

  • Power on the hoverboard
  • Start the ride on a smooth surface
  • Turn hoverboard in left and right direction multiple time either it works same on both sides

If the test result is fine, then your hoverboard does not need any other work after calibration of the hoverboard. However, if the problem remains, then you need to change the damaged part of the hoverboard, most likely the gyroscope of the hoverboard. You can find the gyroscope of the hoverboard easily on the manufacturer’s website. All Hoverboard brands provide parts in case of damage.


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